Historic Day

Ocean vessel with flag flowing in wind.

Even up here in Reykjavik, it feels like a historic day for America.  (We do get MSN and a 4-page newspaper.) Despite the continued refusal of Republicans to approve necessary legislation, the legislation has passed.  It appears that the documents owned by the USA are being retrieved from Trump’s home, a sign of some level of accountability for his multiple illegal actions.  Now, we can all cross fingers that we won’t have another variation of Jan 6 and that our country will stand down, unify a bit and use the political process we have honored for over 200 years.

In our own microscopic version of a historic day, I am awaiting the ship’s doctor’s final instructions and will soon be free to join the newest Insignia passengers in the ship’s programs and facilities.  Bob is getting better each day; he has lost all of his much desired whale hunts (though he assured me he saw a suspicious black rock in the ocean near Greenland..). We are crossing fingers that we’ll actually see each other on Thursday or Friday.

Keep your fingers crossed for all of us. 

Off to Isafjordur (no idea how to pronounce it), Iceland’s third largest city, which features a museum (for tourists), a school, a fisherman’s hut, a church and a garden. They do have a special excursion to the Fox Centre which features an avalanche movie. Seriously.

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Betty Warner

Married female, mother of two, grandmother of five. Living in a senior living community, where dinner, house maintenance, and continuing care are part of the contract. Residents in this community are actively engaged in our lifestyle here; I currently help produce Zoom programs, and help edit our webpage. Physically "healthy for your age" despite shortness of breath, two knee replacements, a cardiac murmur, various skin issues and an incipient back problem.

2 thoughts on “Historic Day”

  1. Sounds like things are looking better for you—blessedly! Yes, there is some happy news on the home front in Congress. But I think you are too optimistic about Trump—-or rather Trumpism. His followers are treacherous so “getting” him will not stop the ugliness. Good to have hope, however.

    I’m scheduled for a root canal next Thursday. Meanwhile, chewing on the other side, softish food and lots of Ibuprofen. I don’t have near your aversion to dentists which helps at a time like this, but it still isn’t fun.

    Had to book my niece and husband into the Fairfield Inn after the Farmhouse filled up for the whole weekend with Karna and Lucy memorial service goers. They still reserved their room but it just seemed like too many people in too small a space using too few bathrooms. Costing me about $300 more but it’s worth it . What with that and all the dental work Kendal may have to start supporting me sooner than I thought! Not quitte, but it’s a big chunk. Hope it’s all uphill, or upwind or whatever, from now on for you out there on the high seas. Our heat wave has broken after a good rain and thunder last night. Whew!! JAD


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