Itinerary Change #2: Bad weather in Narsaq

Greenland is tricky to access, to put it mildly. Still, we spoiled-for-unique-adventure tourists love the idea of visiting those hard to get to authentic sites. We’re told that the weather is only suitable for ships for one or two weeks a year (end of July, first of August) during the White Nights. Qaqortoq has no air strip, not even a dock; Nuuk apparently has an air strip, and those in need of medical care are taken to Nuuk (presumably by boat). A passenger is rumored to have been evacuated yesterday.

Today, we approached Narsaq through the fog, with gorgeous icebergs all around, some the size of a house; recall that most of the iceberg is underwater and not visible. I tried to take a picture, and maybe we can add one later. The captain and the Narsaq harbormaster thought it unsafe to travel the last four miles to Narsaq, so we hung off-shore for a couple hours, until the weather threatened to get worse. Now we are having another sea day, as we will tomorrow–although tomorrow includes travel through a Greenland fjord. Two more sea days follow that before Reykjavik. Bob tells me that the passengers are joking about a mutiny to replace one of the sea days with another day in Reykjavik. Fat chance! Ship rules are NOT democratic.

The change of plans in itinerary is accompanied by massive changes in tours. Nine excursions in Narsaq were planned last minute, and then canceled, as had the 20 excursions which moved from Friday to Wednesday in Qaqortoq. I can’t even imagine!

On the medical front, I continue to be fine–sound like a fog horn, but that is beginning to subside as well. The medical center checks on me twice daily; I have been offered everything from Paxlovid to cough drops. I have turned all down; my COVID is not serious enough for Paxlovid and the cost is prohibitive (remember no Medicare). Whatever food I wish, from any of the ship restaurants, is brought to me. Bob continues to test negative, and he is having a wonderful time chatting. Already, we will have to negotiate nearly $2000 worth of ship care with our insurance company, to say nothing of the care provided in St. John. Paperwork awaits us. Get good insurance, fellow travelers!

And to our friends in PA..enjoy the heat wave. It’s cold (43?) and dry here….

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Married female, mother of two, grandmother of five. Living in a senior living community, where dinner, house maintenance, and continuing care are part of the contract. Residents in this community are actively engaged in our lifestyle here; I currently help produce Zoom programs, and help edit our webpage. Physically "healthy for your age" despite shortness of breath, two knee replacements, a cardiac murmur, various skin issues and an incipient back problem.

2 thoughts on “Itinerary Change #2: Bad weather in Narsaq”

  1. I’m getting confused between blog pieces emailed to me , ones actually on the blog, etc, etc. I did discover who the man and woman with the sweater were. You are both literally and figuratively in UNCHARTED WATERS!!!! So sorry about all the Covid stuff and the bad weather.” JAD


    1. I only barely understand the blog myself. No idea how to reduce the volume of email. WordPress has its own thoughts about all of this. Glad you figured out the Inuit couple…did you notice that I am consistently misspelling stuff? Too much work to change! At least the sun was shining for a few minutes just now.


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