Time… it’s all relative

The time is 3:15am at home in Kennett Square according to my Fitbit whose time change technology has overwhelmed me. The bedside clock which our cabin steward usually sets for us says 8:15am which maybe means she forgot to set it last night, because my phone says it is 7:15am and I try to keep it set to ship time. I was awakened two hours ago by Bob’s clicking camera capturing the sunrise. When he saw me move, he cheerily announced that it was 5:15am today, but that it would be 4:15 am at this time tomorrow, as we will set the clocks back another hour tonight. If I weren’t so disoriented, I would toss him overboard—especially since he dragged me out of bed at midnight? to see Orion hanging low in the ink black sky. I have no idea if I have slept at all or well, and now my stomach insists that yesterday’s dinner was long ago and breakfast closes at 9 am.

Help me, please. We arrive in NYC at 7 am Saturday, at which point ship time and Kennett square time should both be 7am. If there is a 4-hour difference now, how many more times must we set our clocks back one hour?