Not sure of the most descriptive word for this news…

We encourage you to contribute your thoughts on the best response (use the comments option, please, and I will share your responses) to today’s news that Bob’s COVID test was positive. He is now in quarantine, still in his own lovely room with balcony, reduced as I have been to room service and no visitors. As with me, he has no loss of smell or taste, no fever, just a cough and cold. He will be in quarantine during the entire time we are in Reykjavik, meaning that he will miss two whale hunts. Ironically, I have hopes that I will be released from quarantine on Monday morning and free to take the cultural tours we had planned (I have NO plans to take those whale hunts!).

We are bummed. So close and yet so far. I can’t say we’re surprised; again, this is a risk we knew about. The good news is that this cruise is 46 days long, and we have completed only 12 or so days. Lots of time for the cruise to go as we planned. Both today and tomorrow are sea days again, and their loss is far less impactful. Still….help us find the right word, would you? It will help to share these feelings.

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Betty Warner

Married female, mother of two, grandmother of five. Living in a senior living community, where dinner, house maintenance, and continuing care are part of the contract. Residents in this community are actively engaged in our lifestyle here; I currently help produce Zoom programs, and help edit our webpage. Physically "healthy for your age" despite shortness of breath, two knee replacements, a cardiac murmur, various skin issues and an incipient back problem.

8 thoughts on “Not sure of the most descriptive word for this news…”

  1. Your blog is brilliant (as are you) but your luck is impossible to invent a word for.
    Glad you each are not suffering physically, just mentally for missing the full, desired experiences.
    Hope doing the blog is a bit of a diversion.
    You certainly will come home with stories to tell ( just some that are not what you planned.)
    Anyone who survived more than 1 1/2 years as KRA president can survive with humor intact from this .
    Much love!


    1. Looking forward to hearing more of your stories when you return. I think the word you are searching for may not be printable in a blog. Hoping to hear the words “full recovery” soon!


  2. This is the best thing that could happen to spice up your blog!! The drama, the suspense! And, best yet, you aren’t at death’s door. When you are a traveling blogger, nothing is better for your reader than an exciting twist to the story. Beth


  3. I’ll go with one of my favorite words, “temporary.”

    Still, though— it is sucky news! Sending love to you both and am happy to find more posts when I came to check on the blog!


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