New York, New York

Buoyed by the best wishes of our Kendal community, escorted like royalty by Richard who even took the picture, aided by caring Red Caps on both ends of the journey — one of whom even conveyed our luggage to the hotel itself– we have arrived in this diverse, bustling, unique and crowded city for a quick overnight. The hotel, Marriott Fairfield Midtown, features an outdoor roof lounge with great views where Bob took multiple photos, and I just enjoyed the warm breeze. In a few minutes, Uber will take us to the ship….

Published by

Betty Warner

Married female, mother of two, grandmother of five. Living in a senior living community, where dinner, house maintenance, and continuing care are part of the contract. Residents in this community are actively engaged in our lifestyle here; I currently help produce Zoom programs, and help edit our webpage. Physically "healthy for your age" despite shortness of breath, two knee replacements, a cardiac murmur, various skin issues and an incipient back problem.

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