We did Paris!

Sunday, virtually no traffic, a warm sunny day….almost 3 hours of driving to get there, and another three back…but we had a good four hours of seeing the sights. Again, click for a larger picture. I don’t think most need captions…

We people watched while eating in an outdoor cafe on Champs Elysees. Bob took about 200 pictures, and thought he was in paradise. As we arrived in the city (10:00am or so), folk were lining up to get into the stores (why?); as we left around 2:00, the crowds and clouds were rolling in. Those clouds brought waves and swells for the evening. More are promised for tonight, and our captain is leaving France early for a sea day tomorrow. Bob is currently at Mont St. Michel; I am resting my feet and enjoying the solitude (though I would enjoy it more if our balcony furniture weren’t tied down). I’ll never be a Francophile, but the Paris trip was definitely a success.

Another post about Le Havre will follow….